Sit down:Showboiz interview

Segment 1

A.N.O: State your name and where you from

Deezy: "Fresh Deezy, member of the Showboiz production team.  I from allot of places but I call 

Toronto my home"

Paco: "Paco from Toronto, member of the Showboiz team"

Jama: " Jama from Toronto, 3rd member of the Showboiz"

A.N.O: What do you guys do? What are the Showboiz?

Deezy: "We  produce music, hip-hop & RnB, Neo-soul"

Jama "Yea we do allot of different styles of music, a whole sort of different arrangements" 

A.N.O: And how did the whole "Showboiz" movement start?

Deezy: "We've known each other since the 8th grade and really got to producing in high school"

Jama: "We got introduced to music in Jr. High school and continued into high school, Deezy and I

were both on the school band.  I played the drums Deezy played the Alto Sax.  Later on we started 

making beats as hobby, then into working with writers and gettin a real feel of producing a record."

A.N.O: Who are some of your favorite producers?

Jama: "The Neptunes, Timberland & Dj Premier"

Paco: "Timberland, Jermaine Dupri, Kayne West"

Deezy: "Premier, Drumma Boy, Alchemist"

A.N.O: Who would be the ultimate person/artist to work with?

Deezy: ""Jeezy"

Jama: "Similar lettering, Jay-Z"

A.N.O: How would you guys describe you're sound?

Deezy: "It’s different its definitely a unique sound of music...something new to the table we sound 

like us, The Showboiz"

Jama: "Sometimes we work together sometimes we work apart and some of our records don't really 

sound like what you may hear in the market today"

A.N.O: How do you feel about the hip-hop in the Toronto culture?

Deezy: "I see a lot of change happening and a lot of progress, its definitely better than the past.  Its 

growing.  I like some of the artists coming out of Toronto"

Jama: “Definitely, Drake is at the forefront and making a big name for not only himself but for

Toronto as a whole.  I think when his album drops the world will see what Toronto has to offer.

The doors are definitely open and people around the the world are starting to take notice."

A.N.O: How important is the first impression in the music industry?

 Deezy: "First impression is everything, whether it in the music industry or not.  I guess the first

thing is to just be yourself, you can't be anything more than that.  Sometimes it could make or break 

you so just being yourself is really important "

Paco: "Thats a big reason why we put it alot it preparing our music packages and presenting it.  We 

want everyone's first impression of the Showboiz to be right, and show others that we are complete

and we know what we’re doing."

A.N.O: Name a beat that really stands out to you

Paco: "Ginding by the Neptunes"

Deezy: "Put On by Drumma Boy"

Jama: "Still D.R.E.  I think Dre and Scott Storch made that one"

A.N.O: What do you think is your biggest acomplishment as a whole to date?

Deezy: "One of the biggest accomplishments to date is being able to be at Echo Studios down in 

Atlanta courtesy of one of our good friends Stroud of Two Band Geeks, who is a in house

producer for Grand Hustle.  Just being able to see different artists that run threw there and being

able get feedback and tips on what we do and having an opportunity to work with those artists is a

great accomplishment."

A.N.O: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jama: "The goal is to be at the forefront of hip-hop music & and RnB in general. Working with

artists worldwide.  We see ourselves as very success producers and recognized for the skills that we 


Segment 2 

A.N.O: How you feel about twitter? 

Deezy: "I love twitter, I'm a twitter fiend, I'm  

on it all the time.  I might need twitter rehab  

lol.  Its a great social networking tool, whoever  

invented it is a genius." 

Jama: "(I think) Its great, if you know how to  

use, it good be your best friend...if you abuse it  

it could be your best friend lol.  It bridges the  

gap between artists and fans. (Today I talked to  

Nicki Minaj, but she didn't reply LOL...)" 

A.N.O: Tell us something that most people  

wouldn't know about the Showboiz. 

Deezy: "That we're from Toronto" 

A.N.O: Describe each member in just one  


Deezy: "Jama - Crazy Paco - organized" 

Jama: "Paco - efficient Deezy - Proactive 

Paco: "Deezy - consistent Jama - Creative" 

A.N.O: Since we've all went to the same  

high school, describe the Ashleys in one word. 

Deezy: "A.banks- Loca T.Ashley - Quiet" 

A.N.O: Gucci or Jeezy and why? 

Paco: "Jeezy"  Thug Motivation 101 was a classic,  

and no one expected it" 

Deezy: "I like em both, I honestly can't choose  

one or the other.  Jezzy's Thug Motivation, like  

Paco said was a classic, and I can't wait to hear  

TM 103.  Gucci I like as well for his style and I  

can't wait to hear The State vs. Radric Davis" 

Jama: "Gucci.  Cuz he's the underdog.  He made it  

to this point by himself.  he never had a major  

label backing him or any big co-signs.  Gucci is  

self made." 

AshleysBlog: When you guys get your first big  

check, what’s the first thing you're gonna do with  


Jama: "I love you Toronto, but umma get a crib in  

Miami, peace out!!" 

Deezy: "Crib in Atlanta" 

Paco: "Funny thing is I was already scheming about  

making the company bigger, so I would reinvest in  

the company." 

A.N.O: In your world wht color is the sky? 

Deezy: "Yellow" 

Paco: "Blue, like in Mario Brothers" 

Jama: "Orange (in a Jamaican accent) 

A.N.O: Nicki Minaj or Amber Rose 

Deezy & Jama: "Nicki" 

Paco: "Amber Rose, cuz she's classy" 
AshleysBlog: What’s your favorite movie? 

Jama: "Coming to America" 

Deezy: "Star Wars, all of em" 

AshleysBlog: Where can people reach The Showboiz?

Jama: "showboiz.comshowboiz@gmail.com,  Twitter  

@showboiz for myself @showboideezy for Deezy and  

@showboipacoLTL for Paco" 

AshleysBlog: First thing that comes to mind.

AB: McDonalds

Deezy: "Nuggets"

Jama: "Gotta have it"

Paco: "I try not to eat it" 

AB: After the Club

Deezy: "After Party"

Jama: "Hung Shing's (Chinese Food Restaurant)" 

A.N.O: 106 & Park

Jama: "Harlem"

Deezy: "Freestyle Friday" 

A.N.O: Toronto

Deezy: "Canada"

Jama: "Drizzy"

Paco: "Up next"


Anonymous said...

big ups to the Showboiz keep doing it, and to Deezy, you should sport the nerd glasses more often it fits with your movie choices and i know you love the cartoons too, dragonball z? come on....

Anonymous said...

I seen u guys on Ustream. You guys looking good