personal diaries.

okay so today was my first driving lesson....okay ur girl is on a ROLL....get it..ROLL...
k nevermind...anyways stay tune for more on my lessons.. hehe
a.banks aka..the driver..


personal diaries

friday night and im sittin here waitin for a.banks to get her hair done by our sissy.
we had our pizza and sherry and...
next phase: photoshoot!.... we'll keep you posted!

nothing's better then a friday night at home with these chics!


cute things.

Le Serpent

..i want one.. too bad my mother and both my sisters are afraid.. what is there to be afraid of?? they aren't slimy and that pink corn snake would be the perfect gift..it matches my lipgloss..heheh

presidential suite.

can i get your pin mr president?
a.banks aka miss blackberry

celeb bites.

Tribute to Mr.Micheal Jackson


for the lovers.

look out for our countdown to valentine's day startin feb 1st

a.banks aka a valentine


lions and tigers and bears video is out...
love this song...
a.banks aka lioness


ladies, fellas ... ms.tyra banks is hittin us with another cycle of antm (#12). as much as i feel that each season isn't up to par as the previous, i'm still always some what pulled in.

look out for the final 13, pictured below, on Feb. 25!












t.ashley aka canada's next top model?

brush with love.

mr.hot chocolate himself, reggie bush, and his chic kim k, seen arriving in florida for some superbowl fun!


celeb bites.

oh, my girl keyshia on the cover of VIBE.
t.ashley aka vibin' out

guest blogger.

I'm a bit of a discouraged blogger today. I was asked by T this morning to blog about Super Bowl 43. Even though I am I true hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan ( whomp, whomp, whomp) which makes it pretty sour, I find it sweet that the cardinals and Steelers are facing off this Sunday Feb 1st in a man to man war for the ultimate NFL recognition.....the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
With a perfect story line of a virgin team making its first super bowl game; the cardinals have a major obstacle to overcome, the nasty no non-sense Steelers. The Steelers not only have the number 1 defence in the league but also have experience at the Super bowl with 6 titles under their belt. As the optimistic blogger that I am..... I`m going for the underdogs the Cardinals but only by 1 TD.
Some stars to watch for...... the yummy Larry fitzgerald and the exotic Troy Polamalu.
Ladies....& some gents......thank me later ;o)

(thanks a million ash. paychecks' in the mail. lol)

celeb bites.

ummmm..T.I...or T.I.P whoever this is.. what the heck.... are you doin...

a.banks aka Suzie



one shoulder dresses and tops are a definite in your spring wardrobe this year ladies!


so crisp.
tom ford spring/summer 2009 collection
fellas, it's game time.

personal diaries.

as much as my favorite white girl, nicole richie, may spit on her ... i love her style and hey, wouldn't mind her job!
rachel zoe is looked up to by some and looked down on by many more.
ive been outta tv for the last few weeks and on a visit to my momma's house monday night i got the chance to peep her new reality show, "the rachel zoe project" on cosmo. i must say i don't mind it...basically cause im watching it merely for the eye candy, and taylor and brad are pretty cool too.
has anyone watched it? thoughts?


personal diaries.

so im bored at wk.. right

?uestion...why dont we have snow days at wk??

like yeah i might walk to work..but gosh...can i get a snow day off..GOSH

if it wasnt for my wk friends.&&MY IPOD..SHOUT OUT TO YOUNG LLOYD

..gosh they are sooo funny...can i get some work done though..

ps..dont u get happy when u get a call from that (insert word here)boy..

like can i not be smiling..at the computer screen like im crazy..hehe

a.banks aka Suzie

personal diaries.

if you live in the gta, then you know how bad today's snow storm is.

i had to go to school for a mandatory meeting for the store me and some of my fellow school mates are opening next week ... && well i spent that mandatory time slot in my car! (including an extra 2 hours...) traffic was clearly intense.

so to insure i didnt fall a sleep at the wheel, for 3 hrs i listened to as mush music as i could-starting with the weezy mixtape, then skipping through some homemade cds with everyone from vanessa carlton (yes...1000 miles lol) to gucci- and surfing the web on my bb.

anyways, when i finally arrived at school, literally the moment the meeting was done & went to meet my individual group and they were no where to be found ... ofcourse. i spent a total of 30minutes at school ...

i woke up at 6am ... for what!!?
t.ashley a.k.a "party like a bitch...wit all these bricks"-gucci

oh p.s ... check these tom ford shades! LOVE em.

personal diaries

okay so its like 11:15pm and im listen to that SUCKA FREE mixtape..shout out to ninja NICKI
and i just finished makin my wish at 11:11pm
but whatever...so like a couple weekss ago..i recieved this paper in the mail
sayin that a parcel has came for me..but im not sure who it could have came from..??(insert smiley face here)
its been like what 2 weeks and i get a second notice sayin that i have to pick it up...before
the end of the week..so i decided to pick it up from the post office..now when im in the post office..
because its attached to shoppers i of course have to go to the magazine stand and see what i dont have..once i get the mag..my second spot is to the nail polishes...cause i always have to get a nail polish..wherever i go..silly right..but yeah so i get the nail polish..cant wait to paint my nails...of course after the nail polish..i have to find a lipgloss..which i did..i think its gonna be my new fav for work...(yup its pink)
oh yeah...lol whats in the box...umm...
a pair of shoes...and guess what they are the right size..
i feel like its Christmas again..

**thank you**


celeb bites

do we like???

celeb bites

did Kelly really fire mr.Knowles after managin' her for longer than 10 yrs.and basically takin her as his daughter...are her and Bee havin a fall out..???

for the stans...

miss rhi rhi..on the cover of GQ mexico...

film reel.

february is just around the corner and with it comes 2 movies based on books that -most-girls have read and loved.

02.06.09 - He's Just Not That Into You
with a star cast, including Ben Afflect, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson, this movie is a no brainer!

02.13.09-Confessions of a Shopaholic
i personally adore this series of books .... and to having it "come to life" is a blessing. LOL
**look out for the reviews!


new musique.

old new ear candy

Jazmine Sullivan ft. Fabolous - Lions, Tigers & Bears

Lil Wayne-Prom Queen

Drake feat Lil Wayne and Santogold-Unstoppable Remix **CALIENTE**

Gucci Mane-Star Status

personal diaries.

as you know..me and miss T love to hide behind frames..

as of right now..i stay hiddin behind my rabbies aka rays aka raybands

i cant put them down..usually i dont care about eyewear..but ever since my babies(wayfares) they do not leave any of my purses..I was conteplating though..should i just get another pair of them since i love them soo much..red.teal.purple.red&&blk.white.gold. too many to choose from...and a lil help from my good friend..Tonya from work..was able to what she thought help me out..but only made my desicsions even worst...cause for all who kno me..knows its EXTREMLY hard for me to decide...hehehh... but yeah back to the story...what was i sayin again..bad memory..