personal diaries

okay...so i decided to go out sunday night as usual knowing..that i had to work at 8 am..the worst time to work..cause at that time..its a bunch of snobby french people that call in about nothin...how was i able to make my lunch and get to work on time..well 2 mins after 8..i still don't know..i was down though...i think im addicted to SUNDAY NIGHTS...or maybe its those CHOCOLATE MARTINIS or maybe its...... who knows..but whatever it is....had my behind on monday....after work..i slept from 5:15 to 7:01 this morning..talk about some beauty sleep


personal diaries

so basically this was a pretty relaxing weekend..
friday:tee and i watched the simpsons movie...then i was awoken by the best phone call EVER.....
saturday:Tee,Tonya and I went to Tonic...at like 1:45 to and still had a ball...even though it was kinda weird..Tee..dont drink take the goose its the girls' WHAT oh my gosh....
sunday:woke up..went to church..and i Must say church was sooo good..really good..my lil sister was in a fashion at church..where this girl get the poses from..I DO NOT KNOW...came home..watched 88 mins...first time seeing it..and i loved it.. MR.PACINO..u are the best...
fell asleep woke up by the best call ever again....painted my nails and here I am writtin this..SHOULD I GO OUT TONIGHT...HMMMMMMM

a.banks aka happy


daily beyonce

haven't posted some Beyonce in a while....so imma hit em off wit this lil Cici swagger jackin.....

a.banks aka ashley FIERCE



lyrics of the day:
I was like peace in a grooveOn a Sunday afternoonYou were there so was IIn the park 4th of JulyI was chillin' with my Kool-AidWhen Miss Chilli came to relayThat you had a thang for meFinest thang you'd ever seenI must admit to youI've heard them lines a time or twoAlthough for some apparent reasonMonkey lines are now in seasonLights off, lights onI guess the groove is on so I am

Chorus:Diggin' the sceneDiggin' on youDiggin' on meBaby bay-ooo-baby babyIt's on like thatIt's on like thatI gotta be in love or somethin' like that

I was like deep in a coolWhat'nt gone be nobody's foolCould not care less who was thereCould've been like anywhereI was chillin' with my Kool-AidDid not want to par-ti-ci-pateIn no silly conversationsHad no time for new relation-shipsI must admit to youWhen I heard the lines you threwAlthough it usually turns me offBut this time you have turned me onLights off, Lights onI guess the groove is on and I amChorus

Oh why do I feel the way I doWhen all I can think about is youWhat was it in a lineThat made me fall for youDo you knowWhy I'm diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on youChorusDiggin' on youIt's on like thatDiggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you

self explanatory...

a.banks aka diggin him
most def lovin the back of this one...PARTY PARTY PARTY DRESS
a.banks aka the party animal
i love the back on this dress..im not too crazy about the colors..but i think it could work...

a.banks aka pinky


personal diaries

i dont know why i love this picture..but tee and I took this while waiting for my mom to get ther eyebrows done..next stop A&&F
a.banks aka the big sis

celeb bites.

we already kno miss BADD loves gettin TAT TAT TATTED UP...looks like riri's got a GUN or two or three

a.banks aka miss POW POW


celeb bites.

im lovin how she looks here..her skin..looks flawless!!n her smile is soo pretty..go'head miss cole
a.banks aka ...my gucci gucci frames on

foot fetish


are these nice??

a.banks aka miss peeptoe

personal diaries.

weekend wear..i don't know why my sister and i feel like every weekend we need to buy a new A&F t-shirt..MEH... its jus one of those saturday things we enjoy doing...tee more likes the bags i think..(silly girl)
sooo comfy..i love their cotton
i love abercombie jeans....these are probably my favorite jeans right now...i wanna wear them all the time..im a sucker for light blue jeans..i feel like u can wear them all the time...(hehe) especially with a white tee or raceback

had to post this picture
a.banks aka a&&B

foot fetish

i must really love this Miu Miu's Python gladiator sandals im seeing them everying..heels flats//think i might have to just get..them

a.banks aka the python

celeb bites.

our it girl a.rose and chris breezy

a.banks aka his rose

celeb bites.

sister sister
tia and tamara...im lovin Tia's bob..

a.banks aka t.ashley's twin

foot fetish

some of our fav celebs..and their high definitions...

a.banks aka stelletos and pumps

celeb bites.

Brooke and Christian...
i think Ashlie is gonna be mad at this one....mehhhh
guess we should have known somethin was goin on from the last episode when Brooke walked arm in arm with him...
a.banks aka not Ashlie,but Ashley B



kanyeezy and his a.rose...at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th anniversary gala at Lincoln
Center last night...

pretty rose..

who killed it??

a.banks aka his rose


personal diaries

from the plane
to the private beach

to my nails

okay so im back from MIA take it to the house..lol

and i had a ball..to much fun..even though it rained..but just being back in miami..with my sister n my homies..was good...although i did miss couple of people here..i talked to them daily sending them texts as well as voice n picture notes
ill have more stories tomorrow..im bloggin at work..cause my computer is still not fixed..what am i gonna do when i get home..the gym n talk on the phone...to....(boring) not..but yeah..i missed bloggin..being that t.ashley is SICK thanks for leavin it all to me....
a.banks aka i got a condo in miami n my doormat is always sandy..with.....

celeb bites.

our girl amber rose
a.banks aka his rose

personal diaries.

i dont know why i love all these pieces im lovin the tye-die n les lunettes!
a.banks aka miss tye die


celeb bites.

were spotted vacationing in Hawaii this weekend

she was also spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger...

a.banks aka just his friend