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ashleynicole see's it in BLK nWHT





well SEPTEMBER is over,and it is now time for
autumn fall whatever you wanna call it
arrrrrrg hello OCTOBER
time to bundle up and get the layering on!
i hope you bring as much fun as
no more 09/09/09
guess ill give up the spotlight
it's your turn
jus kiddin..

ashleynicole says hates OCTOBER..cause i HATE the color ORANGE

personal diaries

I get a text from my BFF,sayin Ash did u bring lunch...I say..Duh Marlon I always bring my lunch...so we go out to lunch but we couldnt eat there because I had to run back to work.as he's droppin me to work he goes...Ash can you get off Twitter for 2 secs..actually matter of fact..lemme bring yo TWITTER a$$ to work...haa i thought that was soo funny,didnt notice i was always one it!lol we been bestfriends since i was 12,12 years ago....he's the only one that TRULY gets me! having said that me and a friend were having conversations about EVERYTHING...last night..then we came up to the "BOYS" topic,then we go to how both of our bestfriends are boys...and how they knew eachother for so long..how we both used to like our boyfriends...and how protective we are towards them..then both decided to pin them telling them how luck we are to have them in OUR LIVES!so the question is...do we see ourself with our bestfriends..we both said NO... with a smile...*giggles*
but what if they are really our soulmates
the conversation ended with me sayin to my friend..can you ask ur bestfriend to find me a boy i can be boyfriend with*PAUSE*
huh she goes Ash that doesnt even make sense...I said ohhh boy...that's how u kno this is a joke*shrugs* shoulders*mehhhhhhhh

ashleynicole wants to know would you go there with your bestfriend?or do you think it would ruin everythin?

in print

Vogue Paris, October 2009
Model: Laura Stone



chanel iman.
<3 the boots.


ping me

for you iphone users.
you are now officially able to "ping"-or what is known to us BB users as BBM.
however i have learned today that you can also download this application and use it with wifi on the iPod touch.
ha! you know what my next purchase is!! =)


milan fashion week


last night tila tequila tweeted that she was goin to some afterpraty for LA fashion week.
when she got back home she twit pic'd some pictures to show her jewels and dress...but my eyes went right to her nails.
no need to explain.
go head tila!


salute me

Trendy Girls with Guns by Robert Jonas Toth
talk about bad bitches!


upcoming events

Battle of the Sexes- Venus vs. Mars
Vola Lounge, 214 Adelaide St. West
Oct 9th 2009, 10 PM

Music By:
DJ John J, Lissa Monet, DJ Smartiez and DJ Skitz.

Dress Code: Dress to impress! (No hats, hoodies, baggy clothing, or dirty sneakers will be accepted)
Booth/Bottle service contacts: 647.309.3015 or 647.406.5133
Guestlist: Women -Venus.guestlist@gmail.com; Men- Mars.guestlist@gmail.com



yess our favorite girl..was spotted around Italy

*ashleynicole says viva Italia*

tv love

omg, how could i forget to share!
if you haven't heard my love (im talkin about FAB right now) is in the process of filming his reality show.
that means, fab..on cam..on tv..in yours (well mine really) living room.
how do i stay composed? tips?

no word on the channel or dates but ill keep you informed.


new musique

always love you-gudda gudda ft nicki minaj & short dawg

3-britney spears

i can transform ya-chris brown ft lil wayne & swiss beatz

cuffin-cam'ron ft gucci mane & vado


personal diaries

ok so last night was my first time watching Vampire Diaries and True Blood dont really see the big ol' hype around True Blood...I personally can not get pass the accents...But Vampire Diaries im hooked watched all 3 episodes with a nice bottle of White wine...they both went well together!
my favorite character is Damon,yeah he is the bad Vampire but he's sooo DREAMY !*giggles*
im goin to try and watch True Blood one more time...if I can't get into it...mehhh I'll just stick to Vampire Diaries and my Boyfriend DEXTER!

ashleynicole says everyone lives TWO lives right DEXTER!


get it girrrrrl

Teyana Taylor is puttin it down in this Video once again..I aint mad..think i watched this video bout a milion times in a row....the song so catchy...i mean it the beat got me boppin HARD!

ashleynicole he like the way my body goooooooooooooo....owww owww


miss Minaj doing what she does BEST.....Can the video hurry up and come up

Ashleynicole says you a 3 star chick...step your cookies up boo

future look

NOGOY accessories