sit down: rihanna

Glamour, December '09

Every once in a while, a pop star comes along who is so visually magnetic, her music so utterly everywhere, that the world can’t take its eyes off her. There’s no question who that superstar is right now: Her name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. At 21, Rihanna’s résumé could turn even a music industry veteran a major shade of green: Since Jay-Z signed her to Def Jam in 2005, she has scored four number-one hits and has sold more than 12 million albums, a number soon to grow with her just-released album (untitled as of press time). Add to that Rihanna’s self-invented style—a mash-up of Paris couture and street punk, and possibly the best-known haircut on the planet—and you have a full-on fan frenzy. With all that attention comes a sky-high platform for doing good, and Rihanna’s used it wisely: In 2006 she quietly started the Believe Foundation, a fund that provides educational and medical supplies to needy children, and she has personally helped two leukemia sufferers find the bone marrow matches they needed to live. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Rihanna without also discussing the February night the singer was brutally assaulted by her then-boyfriend, pop star Chris Brown. Rihanna has remained mostly silent about that awful experience. But now, with Brown out of her life, she’s opening up as a way to speak on behalf of victims of domestic violence. Listen in on this honest comeback interview. (read the rest of the interview at glamour.com)


ps. dont forget to check her out  with her interview with diane swayer is scheduled to air on Good Morning America this thursday and friday at 7 am ET, and on 20/20 on friday, at 10 pm ET.

UPDATE: the wait is over video is up on her offical site. click here to watch it!!

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