ive come to realized that i like light skin boys..i never really thought about it..but it looks like i do..(Netty would agree that I do)its not like i actually say ohh that boy is cute..its like im just drawned to them..like i fall for the same type all the time..not the pretty boy light skin(is that what you call it..)who knows..but yeah..light skin..but he DEFF has to have HAIR i dont know why..NO designs pls...straight back..2 braids..messy ponytail..ahhhh soo nice..i could go on which i will when i have time..now lemme go scope out this light skin..cutie.*i kid i kid*

t.ashley..dont even think about sayin anythin....okay....

a.banks aka we lookin like sister and brothers.

so a.banks like light skins, and im a sucker for dark chocolate. short hair. one fresh line up - a rick ross beard is a bonus-. colgate smiles.
style game on point. mean build. tall. no baby face shit. i like a manly men. dont get me wrong, i dont discriminate, thats just what im "naturally" drawn too...hell even my girls tell me. give me reggie bush or lance gross or ofcourse kicks and ill eat em up any day!. lol

t.ashley aka love em tall dark and handsome

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