long time but we BACK

hi dolls,

it sure has been a while...and boy have we missed you guys!but it feels good to be back!

during our time off we were able to travel a bit so thats the biggest reason we why we had to push back the relaunch of the blog...but here we are!!

this time..we will focus more on our personal diaries..videos and daily experiences with the Ashleys...well also give our personal opinions on current topics and anything else we may have on our minds. make sure to visit our
tumblr where we post anything and everythin from foods to fashion.. =)

and this weekend its a long one...Easter! we DEFINITELY will have some STORIES for you all..and dont forget...t.ashley's hip dance will for sure be caught on camera!!

look out for our posts starting tomorrow!


t.ashley & a.banks

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