Happy Birthday the Barbie

So for all of you that know me..you know im a Nicki Fan...from Day 1

so you kno today we have to show Nicki some love!!!

Im makin it a N.Minaj day..starting with PlayTime is over...see she knew from 07 she'd be killin the game...Bahaha

Happy Birthday to the Head Barbie in this game

A.banks is dedicating this day to N.Minaj...but hol on..isnt everyday a Minaj day?

Ps Miss Nicki...if you happen to see this...for your Barbie day im goin to get you some pink pumps,pink thumbs
and tu-tu
some pink lips,pink blush for your youtube!

and I dont curse...but what is a goodbye without sayin IT'S BARBIE B!TCH ,NOW COME BACK TO TORONTO

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