smellin' like...

now if i was a hatin ass bitch i wouldnt let you fellas know that you can now go out and buy a rosa acosta air freshener for your cars.
gotta admit she's pretty...and a car freshner?! damn mama, i aint ever seen another chic with that! lol

neways you can buy @ cliff edge.



Anonymous said...

Pretty yes..but she dont even look like she's smells good..YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

she all types a nasty
but y'all sstill are some hatin ass bitches.just be hatin bitches u know!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No one is hating..they posted it..If they were hatin on the trick THEY WOULDNT HAVE POSTED IT!! Seriously..dont she look like she smells??
*New Rosa Acosta Scent=Pudussy*

Figure it out ;)

P.S. You dont have to be a 'hater' to have a difference of opinion!! People are allowed to dislike stuff and NOT be a hater..Gosh..who ever invented that word should be hung..Oppss..Call me Hater