gaga adventures

the day FINALLY came...and left =(
i wana go again!

the tour book


bcb, didnt want it to end

the video isnt mine, but i swear i musta been sittin next to the person that recorded it cause that was basically my view. (118.3.17)

I LOVED IT!! she is an AMAZING performer. you really can't deny it.
everything was on point, down to the videos she had during her costume changes.
the women is a motha fuckin GENIUS!

f you; to my concert partna-a fake 'monster'


ps. no cam! so EVERYTHING was taken on my phone, then on my friend's phone when mine died lol. can't forget to mention my crush cudi's amazing opening performance!! and when gaga brought cudi out for p-p-p-poker face, i think my heart stopped. if you get a chance, GO SEE THE SHOW!

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