The Ashleys x The Showboiz x The Drake Hotel

the Ashleys x @missandreena

a.banks x Jama

a.banks x deezy

the fam

This weekend..had to be one of the BEST weekends in a really long time...

I spent Sunday "afternoon" at a Raptors game..I sooo didnt know what was goin on..all i did was eat a hotdog and Fries..while people were eating..POPCORN..i still dont understand..why POPCORN..but mehhh...after the game...the two bopsie twins T.ashley n Andreena were nice n comfy in my bed...had to kick them out..they are really annoyin when they are together..all they ever do is laugh..and half the time..its not even funny..(*hella annoying*)so I had to kick them out...woke up from my nap and we got ready to go to jama's bday dinner...We always have a BLAST with these funny dudes...look out for their interview coming soon..

follow them on Twitter @showboiz @showboideezy @showboipacoltl

a.banks appreciates her family and friends soo much..very thankfull to have them ALL I her life

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