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okay as you all know..we both speak french...soo im here for 8 hours..n basically talkin to these people fo 7 hours...so through out the day..i get all sorts of people callin..silly ones smart ones..english as a second language one..ones that do not know anythin about openin a business..they jus wanna see the money being deposited into their account..sooo yesterday i get two of the worst calls..well one the first one was just a really long call.. basically im helpin this girl set up debit machine i ask her is it goin through the phone line or INTERNET..she says INTERNET..after 40 somethin mins...the debit machine isnt workin..i ask her..miss is your internet workin she says yes..i say well do u have the internet cord plugged in..she says..ohhhh Ashley im sorry nooo its goin through the phone line..that's fine.. so we configure it on the phone line..still not working...53 mins now..miss is the phone line plugged in,OMG Ashley im soo sorry no its not..miss well do u want to plug it in now....ARGGG I WAS SOOO MAD,THEN AFTER ALL THAT..1 HOUR 6 MINS..SHE GOES..ASHLEY THANK YOU FOR BEING SOOO PATIENT WITH ME*pardon*lucky for my MUTE....IM SOO MAD THINKIN BOUT IT..I CANT EVEN TELL THE OTHER STORY..STAY TUNED FOR MORE SILLY STORIES...
a.banks aka PISSED

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