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i loved the HANNAH MONTANA movie

we had family day.....but before we actually seen the movie..it took us a while to get tickets..why was the 1:00pm show sold out before 11:am so we had to watch the 4:00pm...and when we got there at 3:25 the line up was like 7 people wide and like 100 people in the line..so im thinkin we were gonna get a bad seat...ha..yup..3rd row...*heheh*at the end of the movie..my sisters n I were killin Hannah hoedown throwdown...I personally think Hannah is sooo cool(haha) she was snappin and rolling..when she was on Tyra she was showing her lil dance she does on set called the wedgie dance..n sayin that u gotta deep down n bootie pop...*GO MILEY
a.banks aka the black Hannah Montana

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