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okay soo yesterday was APRIL 9th 2009...sad sad sad sad sad day it has been 10 years since my Daddy left this so called earth...I MISS HIM SO MUCH....
Couldnt post anythin yesterday..too sad..all i was gettin was texts..emails..pins...msgs..sayin sorry n cheer up..which was cool..but all the memories they were sending..
were just too much..to handle yesterday....
so im just thankin everyone who sent me anythin yesterday..i couldnt think about anythin..usually i would have been excited cause it was the 9th of the month..and that means 5 more months till my bday..but it wasnt too exciting..until my cuzzies convinced me to actually go out last night..where I did have fun..Thanks to DjcharlieBrown..but my sis lost her camera..argggg what the heck was that..and my miami pics were on there..pics from last night..sooo maddd...sooo madddd vraiment..until u get that one call that makes everything BETTER

a.banks aka the sad soon to be bday girl

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