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each time i go for a new lip gloss.lipstick..i say im gonna stay away from pink..but each time i go into the store im drawed to the pinks..i dont know why..cause I feel like they just make my lips PINKER than what they are..But meh..i dont seem to care..but im really thinking of doing nude LIPS for the whole spring/summer..its a BIG step..i hope i can do it..
so for all who know me..u know that i love lip gloss nail polish and perfume...but i think summerthat they have got used to me smelling a certain way..i need a new perfume..but dont know what i should get..and i get a headache walkin around the stands plus talkin to the women at the bay and holts..get on my nerves at times...

I THINK THIS might be the one...MISS DIOR Cherie for 3 reasons a)i like the bottle b)i love the name(inside joke) c)i wanna try somethin new for the

a.banks aka eau d'Ashley

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